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A thing I'm noticing in pop culture is this idea that black women can't be traumatized by anything that happens to them. Usually when a female character is sexually assaulted/kidnapped/abused it works to make the audience sympathetic to that character. We certainly see that trope enough in books/movies/TV shows with white characters. In fact such traumatic moments are often used to "redeem" bad girls in popular fiction ranging from soap operas to suspense shows. Yet Tara, Martha, etc are some of the most reviled characters in fandom & are often blamed for the bad things that happen to them.

Tara's treatment by True Blood fandom is a particularly egregious example of this phenomenon. Fans of the show seem to *hate* her for everything she has ever done, ever might do, or ever had done to her. But as written she has every reason to be the flawed angry woman that is on display because awful things are happening to her & around her. So, why isn't that ever acknowledged? Why are there still weekly posts filled with Martha hate despite the fact that she isn't even on the show as a regular?

There's graveyard humor around R. Kelly's ability to get away with his serial predation on young black women. We make jokes about it to push away the pain at seeing it writ large that black girls are worthless in the face of fame & money. But, if art reflects life & life reflects art then what does that say about the way black women are being presented and treated? We know we're human, but does anyone else?

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I love Tara and will smack anyone who says mean things about her.

Luckily, I live in a bubble.
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I fell in love with Tara in her first scene, and remain in love though I'm more than a bit pissed off at the storylines they're giving her. The changes for her character and in Lafayette's storyline are two ways that the series was better than the books (though I'm getting srs irritated at the mess the recent episodes have been, just plotwise). But I have nothing to do with the actual fandom around the show...


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