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An update that is not a column! Kid #1 is doing well & is much happier lately. I have some suspicions about our family history of depression & how it is affecting him as the ride through puberty progresses, but for now he seems to be on a pretty even keel. Kid #2 continues to perplex. We've established that he is reading, doing math & generally right on track for 1st grade (yes, he's in kindergarten), but he still only talks to some people. His current teacher & aide are not fooled though so they give him homework & make him verbalize which makes me happy. We moved into a new apartment that we really love & now it is time to shop for furniture like grown ups. Who knew buying a couch could be such a PITA? Oh, and I got serious & significant amounts of child support today. I cannot figure out how they managed to rifle the ex's pockets so thoroughly, but I'm not complaining. Hubby is in the dog house over his failure to do things like go to the dentist, but new gig provides excellent insurance so I probably won't have to kill him for it. Meanwhile I am looking into Lasik as my eyeballs are getting more expensive all the time. Basically we are all alive & doing okay. How goes it?
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