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Things at my job are...well, let's just say I'm either getting thicker skinned or I'm developing Stockholm Syndrome. Someone said they were going to slap me & I asked if they had good life insurance. Because it's that kind of place. Separately I'm plugging away with school, I wrote an article for XO Jane about Willow Smith & my family is still alive. I'm sick this weekend & contemplating ways to sleep through it without having any inconvenient moments of struggling to breathe through my nose. How's your life going?

Date: 2012-12-29 08:14 pm (UTC)
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Having "finish all the things!" moment. I was brought up with a superstition/tradition that you're not meant to have "unfinished shite" lying around when the New Year rolls around. People's definitions of that vary but you should at least not have things late/owing. So I used to make a point to give the house a quick tidy and check on anything I was owing.

Last couple of years I haven't... and things haven't gone so good. So this year I'm making an attempt. Right now this means weaving in the ends on a big pile of knitting. Then I need to go hand out hats in town.

Also, on second read that article is still damn good.
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