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Just when you think LJ has gone totally silent, you ask about books & it shocks you. I have some great new recs so thanks everyone. I am totally amused at how many people recced books by people I know simply because I keep telling them they're famous & they don't believe me. Since we're talking books I'll ask about one that I've yet to find despite my best efforts. It was a fantasy novel possibly published in the 80's (that's when I read it anyway) about a princess who had to prove she had magic in order to take the throne. Lots of political intrigue & I believe she went on a quest to find a teacher to help her access her magic/wield it safely before eventually returning to the castle. Someone tries to poison her, but her goblet is made of turquoise & turns black because of the poison. She casts a spell that hurls it into the middle of the room & reduces it to molten slag as a way of announcing that she is not easy prey for court intrigue. I read it when I was 6 or so, and it was a newish book so probably in print in 1982. Barring an answer to my odd question, are there any books you're trying to find that you can't remember author or title, but you know the plot? Maybe someone here can figure it out!
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So, I'm watching Lord of The Rings & I'm thinking about all the epic journey fiction that I've ever read (Dennis McKiernan, Tamora Pierce, GRRM, etc) & I'm wondering if there are any series where the brown people are A. the protagonists, B. their deity is the righteous deity, and C. saving the world and getting credit for it? Because I don't think I've read one & I'd kind of like to right about now. Am I missing a series?


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