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I spent a good size chunk of today learning old family history on my grandmother’s side. Y’all there is no chance that I will be kind to ignorant racist white people today. Possibly ever. I’ve always known that my great uncle was lynched, today I found out that he was the second child my great grandmother lost to white people in the south.

His brother was murdered by a white man (this was not a lynching, it was apparently a straight up assault, possibly over a light skinned black woman that he was courting), and when my great uncle got upset then he was lynched for being uppity (though there was a convenient take over of his land as well so…), and my great grandfather sent the rest of the kids & my great grandmother away while he & my great great uncle (my great grandmother’s brother) went hunting white boys. Name changes & trips all over the country followed until the family reunited in Chicago.

Hard men in hard times doing bad shit & no sign that the women were afraid to get their hands dirty either. That’s my family history. Mind you this is all on my maternal side, I don’t know who my biological father is so I have no idea what that history could look like, but it’s clear that between my grandfather’s family & my grandmother’s we just weren’t built to get along with white people who didn’t know how to recognize danger. My aunt gave me a list of names & I’m backtracking through some very muddy waters right now.


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