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So I read this post about the increasing number of death threats against women bloggers. And for a second the old panic started to rise up in the back of my mind, but then I looked around & remembered that I was in the hood in a house full of overprotective black men with a pit bull who thinks I'm hers and I was able to calm myself down some & really look at the last few months. I glossed over a lot of stuff (or didn't post it at all in part), because I knew writing it down would make it too real for me to kind of ignore as I tried to do on a day to day basis. I pride myself on being a tough chick, & I was pretty good at that until I got the descriptions of our clothes and activities & the threats to rape me to death in front of my family.

Curiously, the longer it went on the less mention was made of abortion & the more the threats were about me being female. Some mention of race was made in a couple (mostly of the uppity nigger or black bitch variety), but overall it was about me being female and not knowing my place. Apparently that place is under some man's heel & since my husband wasn't doing what he should do then my stalker would. Which...tell me again about how this whole thing is for the good of women and I might hurt you. This last month I've been getting my legs back under me. Sleeping again (incredibly important as it turns out), spending time with the fam, & just letting myself be while the rawest bits healed. I'm probably never going to be the same, but that's okay. I'm alive & safe & so is my family.


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